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Dress like the ladies of the silver screen. Isn't it time to enjoy being a girl?

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Silver Screen Fashion: a place to buy, sell, & dress like Gossip Girls and beyond.

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This is the Livejournal extension of the main site found here: Atelier Avante.

A community dedicated to prep and sophisticated fashion a la the Gossip Girls on a budget. Buy, sell, and swap outfits, learn how to construct them, and share fashion and beauty editorials in a tight-knit and selective comm.

Who Joins?
Aspiring fashionistas, models, actresses, photographers, fashion designers, journalists, and most of all, anyone who wants to dress beautifully and learn to compile outfits on a budget. This is a shopping community, so if you are looking to buy or sell along those lines, this the place for you.

Atelier Avante.
I'll admit it. Owing to my prep school upbringing, I love to dress like Blair Waldorf but I can't always afford her styles. So, I have an eye for deconstructing her outfits and re-creating them (as well as being inspired by them!) on a budget I can manage, but always keeping an eye out for quality and class. I also spent a greater part of my university career dressing California casual like Veronica Mars. I get my fashion cues from my favorite TV shows and thought that there must be more girls out there like me--who see the styles and want to copy them and learn how to adopt them so I created Atelier Avante as a venue where we could swap advice and sell clothes inspired by our favorite leading ladies of the Silver Screen. So, whether you're trying to emulate the girls of the Upper East Side or capture the looks of casual Southern California, this is the place for you. Welcome!

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