Erin Renee (erinchantress) wrote in atelier_avante,
Erin Renee

Fashion Finds for Supernatural: Mary Winchester's Charm Bracelet.

Young Mary Winchester from "In The Beginning."

So, "In The Beginning" has to be one of my favorite episodes from Season 4 and I can't deny the fact that I spent the greater part of the show obsessing over Mary Winchester's beautiful charm bracelet.

A few days after the show aired, a jewelry-maker and SPN fan, violetknights, had replicated the braclet and then created a line of Supernatural-themed jewelry and pins at incredibly reasonable prices.
VioletKnight's Winchester Bracelet.

Details: Made from sterling silver charms & charm bracelet, 6cm but can be customized to any size, as needed.

Asking: 8.50 GBP plus 1.75 shipping within the UK & she also ships worldwide.

I absolutely love my bracelet and have recieved many, many compliments whenever I wear it--definitely one of my favorite purchases this semester.

Want one?: Inquire at VioletKnight's Livejournal
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